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Product Code : EL-FAE-10462

Atwood Machine 2.5 M
Atwood Machine used for experiment uniform straight motion, uniformly accelerated motion, Newton’s second law, and the calculation of the acceleration of gravity.
Size :
-Pole height 250 cm
-Pulley 200 mm
-Each mass load (Cylinder Load with Nylon Cord) 100 g
-Additional load (slotted load) : ID 90 mm, OD 48 mm, weight 5 g
Material :
-Pole : Aluminum
-Pulley : Plexiglases
-Main load (Cylinder Load with Nylon Cord) : nickel plated brass
-Additional Load (slotted load) : Aluminum
Consist of :
Scaled Parallel Pillars 1 pc
Precision Pulley 1 pc
Cylinder Load with Nylon Cord 2 pcs
Slotted Load 5 pcs
Catcher Platform with Hole 1 pc
Stopper Platform without Hole 1 pc
Mass Releaser Adjustable 1 pc
Buffer pole 2 pcs
Note : Mounted on the wall. How to install, look in the manual book
Dimension :(L) 0.00 x (W) 0.00 x (H) 0.00 cm
Weight :3.500 kg

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