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Bottle Holder

Product Code : EL-GLE-11026

Stable metal ring-holder for the secure storage of eye wash bottles.

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Eye Wash Ampoules

Product Code : EL-GLE-11027

sterile 0.9% NaCl Sterile 20 ml eye wash ampoule for rinsing away dust and dirt.

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pH neutral solution Duo, 500 mL

Product Code : EL-GLE-11028

A small, handy bottle containing 4.9% sterile phosphate buffer solution, that neutralises the eye's fluid after

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Hand-Held Drench Hoses

Product Code : EL-GLE-11029

Two sprays in one. The hose can be used as a fixed eyewash when fitted into the mount.

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Mini Eyewash Station

Product Code : EL-GLE-11030

Ideal for the lab, filling stations or all work places where aggressive substances are used.

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Fire blanket container

Product Code : EL-GLE-11031

Fire blanket container made of galvanized welded steel sheet, to be opened upside, the blanket is removable.

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Mobile underbench cabinet

Product Code : EL-GLE-11032

Mobile underbench cabinets maximum in adaptability The castors can be locked if necessary.

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Wall-mounted cabinet

Product Code : EL-GLE-11033

Tall cabinets provide especially large storage space. Wall-mounted with lockable doors.

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Reagent bottles, PP

Product Code : EL-GLE-11034

Colour : Transparent With screw cap made of PP

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Floor marking Tape

Product Code : EL-GLE-11035

Ideal for easy marking of imperfect floors Quick application

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Laboratory chair Isitec

Product Code : EL-GLE-11036

Large, ergonomically designed backrest to take the strain off the spine and muscles with integrated lumbar support

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Laboratory Chair Labsit

Product Code : EL-GLE-11037

Labsit is the new chair for all kinds of laboratories. Its intelligent Flex function offers comfort and laboratory

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Laboratory Seating Furniture, GMP

Product Code : EL-GLE-11038

Due to their ergonomically correct design, work chairs encourage dynamic sitting while simultaneously promoting proper posture in every position.

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Lab Stool

Product Code : EL-GLE-11039

The space-saving laboratory stool is a good solution for short-term sitting.

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Lab Standing Rest

Product Code : EL-GLE-11040

The Lab Standing Rest is the practical solution for laboratory workplaces where people have to sit as well as to stand.

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